Payroll Giving – tax relief on your donation.

Payroll Giving for The Reasons Why Foundation cic

As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company with charitable aims and objectives, we can receive donations through Payroll Giving and if your employer[or you as the employer] sets up a Payroll Giving scheme through The Charities Aid Foundation they will collect your donations and pass them onto The Reasons Why Foundation cic.

Your donations, no matter what size will help us to continue to deliver the support we provide to marginalized young people, those young people at risk of offending and those that are ex-offenders.

If you would like to talk to one of us at The RWF before taking this further, then please do contact us here or read on and learn how you can donate to support our work and receive tax relief immediately on that donation. If you also join our newsletter you will be kept up to date with our work and the impact your donations are helping us produce in reducing youth crime, increasing youth employment and enhancing youth engagement with communities on all levels.

Any amount that you give will help us to deliver our programmes, no amount is too small. Thank you.

Payroll Giving – approved Payroll Giving agencies

There are a few Payroll Giving collection agencies and all  are approved and monitored by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the purposes of Payroll Giving. They can help you to promote Payroll Giving in the workplace, whether using a professional fundraising organisation, staff champions or a chosen charity.

Read what HMRC say by clicking here.

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Charities Aid Foundation – a Payroll Giving collection agency.

CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) (Opens new window) manages Give As You Earn, the UK’s largest Payroll Giving scheme with over 6,000 employers participating on a national and international basis. They support the HM Government funded Payroll Giving Quality Mark and give practical support to employers on how to get the best out of their scheme. The administration fee varies between 0-4 per cent per donation.

Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4TA

Tel: 01732 520 019
Fax: 01732 520 144
Email Charities Aid Foundation

We thank you for your continued support.

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