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By Supporting us You can help to reduce crime.

For every £1 donated we create a £152 economic return on that money with the work we do with young people helping to reduce crime and increase youth employment.

Young people possess huge capacity for change and those that have offended need appropriate support in order to break their cycle of re-offending. The Reasons Why Foundation looks at the Reasons Why young people make the choices that have negative impacts on their lives and those lives of others and together we find new alternatives and solutions to reduce re-offending rates and increase employment.
For every £1,750 raised, one young person can be enrolled on our Cohort 45 Project, where they will be trained and supported through to employment with ongoing aftercare to empower them with sustainable skills to keep them employed and prevent them from offending, for up to 18 months.
We take referrals from the community or from custody and our support is ongoing.

So if you want to help support our work and reduce crime then every donation whatever size will help – make a difference today by clicking our PayPal button below.

For just £2 you can help change a young person’s life.

A really easy way to raise funds at No Extra cost to you is easyfundraising of course – click the link below.

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