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Every quarter year we will send you updates on what we’ve been doing, what we’ve achieved and what we have planned for the future. We will let you know the things we are currently doing as well, including any opportunities that we have for you to get involved in our work, be it spreading the word on a campaign or taking advantage of a volunteering role. If there’s some way that we can involve our supporters, we will let you know so that you can make the decision to get involved or not.

You will get to hear true life stories from real people that The RWF have supported and worker with.

If you would like to upgrade your subscription, you can join The Active Supporters Group, where you will be actively encouraged to join in with our fundraising campaigns, receive personal invitations to our youth events and be part of our wider knowledge base which is involved in researching public opinion on the many youth crime, youth behaviour and resettlement issues we work with everyday. Plus, you will receive our bi-monthly progress report on our work with some of the most marginalized young people across London.

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