This week, we took 4 new referrals onto our programme, had 2 full days of training on pitching practice for staff, delivered 14 hours of 1-2-1 support sessions, scheduled 4 workshops to be delivered in the next 4 weeks, ran 1 assessment session at a JCP branch and raised our ‘Listening to Lambeth’ crowdfunder to £1,811.

If you would like to get involved in our crowdfunder to help ensure that our new project to be delivered in Lambeth is a success – please pledge anything from £5 by clicking this link now.




This week we started 8 more people on our programme, ran 2 assessment days in JCP branches in 2 different London Districts, had 15 1-2-1 hours with participants, received 6 applications from people wanting to volunteer with The RWF, reached the 3& of our crowdfunder target and we are very happy to say we have now raised £526 of our £17,250 target.

We ask that you please do 2 things this weekend, they are;

  1. Go here and pledge anything at all. We have received pledges from £1 to £200 so far –
  2. Share the link above with as many people as you are able to. The more people know, the more pledges we can get, the more work we get to do with young people in Lambeth.

..and don’t forget to have a peaceful weekend.


The RWF Team

Youtube update.

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Check out our latest YouTube update –

Listening to Lambeth – Update.

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Our new project – ‘Listening to Lambeth’ is being funded in a totally new way for us, through crowdfunding and we have now raised £55

For all of you that have asked if you have to use Paypal to pledge your support, we can now confirm that you are able to pledge using a credit or a debit card, if you would rather not use Paypal.

Thanks for all your support and please to go to our page below, pledge your support and share this with everyone you know.

The RWF Team.

Help us change the lives of 10 young people in Lambeth – in just 6 weeks from now.
We’re about to embark on our first crowd-funding journey and it would be a massive boost if you can help us build momentum – fast. We have just 6 weeks from Monday 16th February in which to raise the funds to deliver our highly successful behavioural change programme to at least 10 young people living in Lambeth, who have been affected by crime.

It is a totally new way of getting our work done and on the evening of Monday 30th March, we will be presenting the campaign to a room of 450 people in Central London.

I have 3 simple requests – none will take more than a minute or two and each will have a remarkable impact:
1. Visit our crowd-funding page (here’s the link to click) and watch our 41 second video of me with and the second ever person we supported, when we started way back in 2012.
2. If you are touched or inspired by our work, please pledge as yourself (any amount, every penny really does count) or consider doing so as a group with friends or colleagues
3. Share our campaign with anyone you know with a social conscience, by word of mouth, through email and definitely online using the share options for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

Our target is to raise £17,250 to help change 10 young people’s lives. A huge goal for me personally, but critical for every single young person we can help.

A bit more info on what we do:
Every participant we help will be assessed and receives at least 12 months of deep support. They receive training to help them identify their triggers and explore new ways of thinking. They will be part of our employment brokerage service where we locate jobs that they can realistically do, enjoy and retain.

Each one will have weekly session with a trained volunteer mentor for a period of 6 months and 1-2-1 sessions with their caseworker.

We run an indoor climbing event where each participant climbs with their mentor and steps out of their comfort zones together, while strengthening their bond and building trust with their support group. This is a remarkable intervention that grows confidence and belief in everyone that joins.

This work changes lives, saves lives and prevents crime.

Please get involved and know that you have helped this happen.

Thank you,

The RWF Team.

This week saw the following – 10 hours of assessments in Job Centre Plus branches in North and East London/11 hours of 1-2-1 sessions with participants of our programme/4 hours of volunteer training/ 15 job vacancies became available and these are now being processed for matching with clients and today our first ever Crowdfunder went live.

To check out our new Crowdfunder, click here – Listening to Lambeth Project.