Life Changer Club

When you become a member of our ‘Life Changer’ club, you get to be involved on a whole new level. Not only do you know that your support has been used to help someone affected by crime, enabling them to create a new life that doesn’t involve negative lifestyles and is positive, reuniting them with their communities. You also get a monthly update on how your partnership is creating new benefits, outcomes and changes in the lives of the people that we work so diligently with.

We believe that by offering you the opportunity to see on a monthly basis, what we are using your money for, you will better understand what an amazing thing it is that you are doing, when you give support to our foundation.
You can choose to have less frequent updates or none at all. The choice is yours of course. We just want you to realise just how valuable you are to us and to our beneficiaries.

By agreeing to making a one-off or regular monthly donation of £5 – you can, over the course of a year, create the following support;

  • 6 x inspirational mentoring sessions for a young adult affected by crime, helping them to make significant changes in their lives
  • 1 month of 1-2-1 support sessions from one of our expert staff, helping a young adult affected by crime to explore new opportunities and ways of thinking

If that monthly donations was £10, then over 1 year, you’d create;

  • 12 x mentoring sessions
  • 2 months of support sessions from our expert staff

If that monthly donation was £15, then over 1 year, you’d be able to;

  • sponsor 1 person through our 2 day ‘life changer’ workshops

So as you can see, your regular monthly support really can add up and make a significant difference to a young person’s life.

In addition to all of the above, you can, if eligable, add Gift Aid to your donation, so £5 becomes £6.25 ! This Gift Aid is paid to us by the Government and does not cost you anything.

To join The RWF Life Changer’ Club, please complete the form below.


Once you have submitted your name and email, you can then make your donation by clicking this link

Please be assured that in line with the Data Protection Act, we will never disclose, share or sell your information.Thank you for your support!