Employ an ex-offender campaign

That’s right, our ‘Employ an ex-offender‘ campaign is back !

The reason it’s back is because it makes sense and hugely impacts re-offending rates in a positive way.

So what we are looking for are employers that are happy to include our young people in their recruitment processes.

We aren’t asking for preferential treatment, all we ask of our employment partners is that when they have a vacancy arise, they let us know and we will then check out database of young people to see if we have anyone that fits the employer’s criteria for the vacancy that’s available.


What you get as an employer in addition to the peace of mind that you’ll have from knowing you’ve taken positive action to help reduce crime and empower young people to make positive changes, is that you’ll have an employee that comes with a complete support network so that they are arguably more reliable and motivated than someone that isn’t supported by us.

All of our young people go through a skills development training and have a complete support structure that enables them to be highly motivated and reliable in their working lives as well as their personal lives.

It’s a win-win opportunity.

So to get involved, contact us using the form below here.

Thank you for your support and please do spread the word about this campaign.

  1. I would love to post this on my blog it will help out so many people

    • The Team says:

      Hi Theresa, by all means you can link to this page/post from your blog once we’ve taken a look at your blog. What is the url please ?
      The RWF Team.

  2. staceyJill says:

    This is an amazing campaign! We need more programs and help like this. People make mistakes in life and some actually DO learn & become stronger. Ten years ago I was sentenced 3 years 85% and 3 years mandatory parole. Since 2007 I have finished my 2 year degree, social science/human services. Earned my BS in psychology, and in a few months I will be finished my MBA. I am honestly afraid that I won’t see any difference, besides the thousands in student loan debt. Companies should understand that some ex-offenders will work HARDER to not only prove themselves, but they understand more because they have been there! I would be ecstatic to use my experience and education to help someone else. The resources are scarce for us. I am and was lucky enough to have help and support from my family. I am still struggling. I cannot imagine what it must be like for someone who is thrown right back on the street with no help, support, or money. I have been witness to some who are sent to the welfare office and a “one stop career center”. It is not so easy. The hiring manager or human resource department will usually be bias once they run a background check. I have worked very hard & have been complimented on my fast learning and great skills, only to be “let go” once the criminal background check comes back. Although I never lied, I was never asked, or given an application with the “box to check”. I don’t offer the information because I am judged and rejected automatically. I also feel that I do not define myself based on the past mistakes. I am the person I am today. I believe I am an even better candidate, stronger from my experiences, and I do deserve a second chance at life! Thank you for your dedication and caring. Thank you if you have read this entire post, I hope that more employers will have an open mind and know that there are some ex-offenders like myself, who are well educated, with children, and should not have to live labeled as a criminal for the rest of their life.

    • The Team says:

      Hi Stacey,
      firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to share so much of yourself with us and yes I certainly did read the whole of your post, it is both touching and informative for others to read. You offer support and inspiration through your words.
      Are you living in the London area ?
      I would suggest also that your past is indeed relevant to who you are today, although I do completely understand why you do not share it with people for fear of discrimination.
      Thank you and if you want to contact us directly, please use the contact form on this site.
      The RWF Team.

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