Another week has begun !

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yes indeed, another week has begun and out team are all hard at work helping people with offending backgrounds to take the next steps into a future that they can be proud of.


Starting the week

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We start the week with a full team in the office, the energy is high and the week looks good. Friday updates will recommence this coming Friday.

A peaceful week to you all.

The RWF Team.

Our Listen 2 Lambeth crowdfunder was a success and not only did we reach our target of £17,250 – we exceeded it and raised a total of £17,547 !

We are all very pleased and once this project is running, expected to be the first Monday of May, we will keep you all updated on a regular basis through our Friday Updates.

In the meantime, have you looked at our £5-a-month Club ? We’d love to have you join us –

Just £5,518 to raise and The RWF will hit their first ever Crowdfunder target – do you have £5 or £10 to donate to help change the lives of 10 young people in Lambeth, that have been affected by crime ?
I know I do.

Listen 2 Lambeth update

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Our Listen 2 Lambeth Crowdfunder is now 42% funded at £7,376 of £17,250
Please do pledge your donation using the link below.
Thank you.

In this week’s Friday Update I want to share something that’s a little difference to the usual stats…

about a month ago one of the young men we have helped and who has supported some of our delivery came to me and said he loved the work we do so much that he would donate £100 to our Listen 2 Lambeth crowdfunder.

Lovely, of course. We just didn’t know how he would manage to make a donation of that size.

Fast forward a month…then, James came in yesterday and explained how he’s been putting a few pounds aside each day, eating less junk food and walking instead of riding the bus all the time and that he’d saved up the £100 he said he’d donate to us. He was motivated to improve his health by giving to support our work.

Truly amazing and personally I am honestly moved by his dedication and generosity !

He used our LocalGiving’s dedicated ‘Listen 2 Lambeth’ page to make his £100 donation and with Gift Aid, this was increased to £125 !

That took our total to over £5,600 and we are now at over £6,200

James knows the value of what we do at The RWF.

Will you help us to reach our target ?

And if you have already made a donation, I would like to thank you personally and if you are now inspired by James’ actions to make another donation – it would mean so much to us and all the people we will be helping with this new project.

We have seven days left and every little helps.

So please do pledge and know you made a difference.

You can see our 41s video here –

If that fails, use this one –

Our LocalGiving page is here –

This work changes lives, saves lives and prevents crime.

Thank you,

Roger Blackman


Regular donations really do make such a significant difference to supporting our work. They can be what ensures that our work continues and that young people affected by crime continue to be able to access our services.

Please use this link to make your £5 regular monthly donation –

Thank you.